We are a practice that offers expertise in both Functional Integrative Medicine and Aesthetic Medicine.

Integrative Medicine promotes optimal health . Hormonal imbalances in both male and females are addressed.

The Aesthetic practice boasts state of the art technology with internationally and locally trained therapists. Dr. van Lelyveld is one of the top Aesthetic doctors in the country and as such is sponsered to the World Aesthetic and Anti Ageing Congress held in Monte Carlo, Monaco yearly.

Meet Dr Marika Van Lelyveld

What is Functional Medicine? 

Treating the cause rather than the symptom.  In short-Optimal Health.

Dr. Marika van Lelyveld
MBChB (Pret) 1992
MBA(Thames Valley-UK)2000

Was a partner in EmergiMed – managed the Trauma Units of FloraClinic, Glynwood, Arwyp, Eugene Marais, Carstenhoff and Lenmed.
After EmergiMed dissolved – she was head of Arwyp Medical Centre’s trauma unit and then Flora Clinic’s unit .

Started working in her own practice in 2005 till present. She practices in Integrative- and Aesthetic medicine with special interest in hormonal health.

Dr. M Van Lelyveld started training in 2003 under the leading international specialists Dr. Mauncio du Maio, Dr. Raj Acquilla and Dr. Koen de Bulle in the aesthetic field.

Courses and Diplomas:

Institute for Aviation Medicine-AME 1997
Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society- Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy 2000
SA4IM (SA Academy of Anti-Ageing and Integrative Medicine)Fellowship Module 1 to 12:(2006-2010)
-Hormonal Health
-Heart Health
-GUT Health
-ADD/ADHD. Autism
-Heavy Metals and chelation
-Autoimmune Diseases
-Nutritional support for cancer patients
-Infectious disease

Various certificates in Aesthetic medicine.

Certification in Cosmetic Gynecology by Dr. Bader and Dr. Stefanelli of ESAG as part of FemiLift and O-Shot training(2017).

Meet Cheryl De Paiva

Cheryl is a qualified Somatlogist with working experience on the Celebrity cruise lines, top therapist for Placecol and lecturer in somatology. She does all facials and body treatments with great care and will help you find the best beauty regime to keep your skin flawless. Cheryl takes great pride in her work and also helps clients reach their weight goals with Slender wonder weight-loss program. Your satisfaction with treatments and reaching your goal weight is always a top priority for Cheryl.

Meet Karen Parsons

Karen Parsons obtained her qualifications in the United Kingdom and has 18 years of experience in the beauty and Aesthetic industry. She has fully qualified in all the face and body treatments our practice has on offer and is passionate about skincare. She is a softly spoken, caring therapist that always puts her clients needs first.